a friend in australia writes to ask how and where i am

i write : > nice to hear from you. i am still in europe, relatively well and unreasonably happy.

— Where's the happiness stem from? Most people I know in Europe seem half-broken at the moment (although not everyone... :))

hence the 'unreasonably' qualification :) the entire world is a disaster area but i've reached what turned out to be my destination : an old monastery not far from the belgian border. the building comforts and consoles me and there is a good room for conversations with people.

finally i am able to be nothing — or almost nothing. i've waited a long time.

i had a pretty weird email from johannes... — oh? i think he's completely flipped! — what did he say?! ok so i wrote to him asking how and where he was... — where is he these days? still in europe. — rather him than me! quite! he said he's living in an old monastery near the belgian border. — woa! yep. but here's the thing. he wrote “i am unreasonably happy...” and when i asked how come he's happy when almost everyone i know in europe is broken, he said : “the building consoles me” and “finally i am able to be nothing...” — i always said he was a weirdo!