one hundred blogs

why would anyone have ten (10) different blogs!? — i know! right?

and why would you have ten #tags inside of those blogs, making in effect, ten different blogs inside each of those ten blogs?

for example here are some of the tags from the postpost blog and one of their URLs : posthumanist postdeath postatheist postart postsex postlove

— but that's one hundred blogs! that's crazy! right? yes.

all but one of the blogs are publicly accessible. you can subscribe to each of these blogs and receive an email when something is posted there.

there is no index or list of the blogs or tags but links to individual posts will appear from time to time, sometimes in an unusual way. collect the set!

bookmarks and instapaper or pocket are your friend, although you can also download all the posts on a blog as an ebook in .epub format. the way you do this is by adding .epub to the URL of the blog. for example :

If you want all posts with a particular tag as an ebook, say #sometag, you’d use:

one blog (or in effect ten blogs), daybook (random journal entries 1988—2044), can be made accessible to individual people on application. be aware that i am likely to enter into an email conversation with you about this.

also be aware that this is a work in progress and there are and sometimes will be many gaps and errors.