i am having frequent interesting conversations with someone who is formally undergoing psychoanalysis, striking differences between it and whatever it is that i do and equally striking correspondences.

for example transference and counter transference, which also happens in other relationships eg teacher student❊

there are disadvantages to my method such as it it, but one major advantage is that there are all kinds of continuities with other conversations with people, that are not and could never be sessions as such, and yet here you are engaged in a process which is more than a conversation — and it is being driven.

it begins as an ordinary conversation but it can turn at any moment ... or i can issue an invitation and then it can turn ... or not.

for a moment i am in the driver seat, my hands are on the wheel. we are idling. we were in neutral but i have shifted into first gear, the clutch is still depressed.

i look at you and say : wanna go for a ride? — where would we go? there is no way of knowing and we may never get to 'a there' ... but you won't be here any more ...

it's entirely up to you, from one session to the next. if you want to hide you can hide. you can avoid me for as long as you like.

ha ha ha ... i wouldn't be a psychoanalyst for quids ... sixty five for forty minutes ... what a rort.

oh! a quid is also a partly masticated lump of food that is dropped from the mouth?! it is apparently said of horses.

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