r.i.p. norm

i am on the couch in the woonkamer writing and she's sitting at the table doing a jigsaw puzzle. she says : what are you doing? i say : i am writing. what are you writing about? i am writing about a friend who died the other day. oh! dat is heftig. ja. he died in his sleep. he was only 59. i know when you're 13 that's ancient but it really isn't, i say, with a sad toothless grin. well it is and it isn't ... we played in a band together 40 years ago. playing in a band! she says, that's cool!

there's something about climbing on stage with someone with a big audience waiting to hear something and having to trust that person to do their thing and them having to trust you to do your thing and both of you doing it that makes you brothers for life.

yeah. it really was.