i should write something about the history of my blogs here, like how i began with a blog on diaryland in 1995 and since then i have used many and varied platforms, most recently, blot, paper, and github.

if i had the energy and time i could try listing them all and/or attempt to find them on and in my own archives.

but life is short. and now it's shorter than ever.

and then i decided, as an experiment, to have not one, but ten blogs, each with ten tags — so in effect, one hundred blogs, on, such a great minimalist publishing platform.

ha ha ... i am an idiot.

you can subscribe to these blogs and receive all the posts as an email. how quaint!

like most things, even quarks, this has an up side and a down side, or light and dark if you prefer. on the up side : you get an email notification with the content of a post when i publish it. the down side : most of the things i write are edited and re-edited endlessly. so it is unlikely that the content of the email is the latest and best version of the post. to get to that click on the link in the email.

please note : you can't subscribe to the 'now' page for reasons which are not interesting enough to list.