so i got vaccinated. — even though you've had covid? yeah. it's kind of stupid but that's the government advice. and i don’t have the time or energy to spend on having an informed opinion beyond that. and also i don't have an opinion about whether you or anyone else should be vaccinated or not.

i had a reaction as i almost always do with vaccinations.

a few hours afterwards i start feeling woozy and weird and exactly like i did when i had the actual virus. it is like i could feel my entire body going into overdrive to make antibodies. so i lay down, felt grumpy and out of sorts and basically had all the symptoms listed as side effects on the government website as occurring in 'a large number' of vaccinated people, and then some : feverish, headache, muscle aches, pains in the joints, nausea, exhaustion. because of CFS (or whatever the fuck the 'undiagnosable disease' that i have is — it is a syndrome — who wants to suffer from a syndrome?! although i do rather like the the anti-superhero called syndrome in the incredibles who devoted his life to creating a world in which everyone would be “super”.) i feel like this more or less everyday anyway but this was 3x worse, essentially a 48 hour case of the flu, and i was not expecting it. i had covid. i've got antibodies. why should getting vaccinated make me ill — again?!

three days later and i feel more or less normal and not at all like the government is controlling my brain but then they would make the microchip in such a way that you didn't feel like the government is controlling your brain i guess.

ah well. onward!

good job pfizer. thanks everyone. (i think...)